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Dr. Regino Zamora Rodriguez

Professor of Ecology (Catedrático de Ecología)
Department of Ecology, Faculty of Sciences, University of Granada.
Avda. Fuentenueva, sn.,18071, Granada, Spain

I am a Professor of Ecology at the University of Granada (Spain). Also, I am the scientific coordinator of the Observatory of Global Change of Sierra Nevada Mountains, Spain. The General topics of my research profile are:

  1. Plant-animal interactions (mostly herbivory and seed dispersal) vs. plant-plant interactions as drivers of community dynamics.
  2. Ecological interactions as drivers of passive restoration processes and ecosystem services (Mobile links).
  3. Community responses to climatic and land use change in Mediterranean Ecosystems.
  4. Emerging ecosystem.
  5. Bizarre ecological interactions (carnivorous plants (e.g. Pinguicula spp.) and parasitic plants (e.g. Viscum spp.).