Current research lines

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General Research Topics:

– Plant-animal interactions (mostly herbivory, seed dispersal).

– Plant-plant interactions (facilitation vs competition  as drivers of community dynamics).

– Global Change Ecology (population and community responses).

– Ecology of forest regeneration in Mediterranean environments.

– Restoration Ecology (biodiversity restoration).

– Ecology and biodiversity of Mediterranean Ecosystems (particularly High Mountain Ecosystems).

– Forest Ecology.

– Bizarre ecological interactions  (carnivorous plants ( Pinguicula..), parasitic plants ( Viscum..)..)

Specific Key words (more related to my current research):

– Interaction between interactions (plant-plant vs plant-animal interactions).

– Mobile links.

Ecological monitoring.

Emerging ecosystems.

Ecological interactions as drivers of passive restoration processes and ecosystem services.

Scale-dependence of plant-animal interactions.

– Global change and forest pests.

Global change: forest migration and regeneration.

Ecology of parasitic plants (Viscum album): the balance of plant-plant/plant- animal interactions.